We the Couple Prophets are two ministers of God called to be prophets at simultaneous period of time. Prophet Oluwasegun Daniel and Prophetess Oluwabukunmi Daniel identified as Couple Prophets are dynamic Christian ministers whom God has given the decree to shine as a light in all nations of the world. “The Most High God is our Father in Heaven and upon the earth, Jesus Christ is our Lord and the Holy Spirit is our teacher”.

Couple Prophets has been used by God in casting out demons, healing the sick, raising the dead and in working other creative miracles. Prophet Oluwasegun Daniel and Prophetess Oluwabukunmi Daniel i.e. the Couple Prophets have experienced massive divine encounters and angelic visitations of which they attribute as the grace and favor of the Most High God.

The view of the soon-to-end world and the identification of the Antichrist and the False Prophet of Revelation 13 have impressed the Couple Prophets to shout out to the world the declaration of the gospel spanning globally using the internet to reach out to the world. Jesus Christ said, “And the Gospel shall be preached at all nations of the world and then the end shall come”.

The Couple Prophets are of the lost tribes of Israel (Yoruba tribe) and we hallow the Sabbath day as Christians. We are not under any earthly government but directly under the Most High God. Our motivation for the ministry is our love for God. Despite the fact that we have suffered in the past, our minds have been made up to terrorize the entire Kingdom of darkness.

You can click on “Salvation” page on this website on how to be saved. God loves sinners but detests sin. Jesus Christ is coming soon for the rapture. The "How To" page contains posts on how to guide for both Christians and non-Christians. "Couple Blast" page contains post on controversial Christian issue. Share your testimonies and participate in our forum on this website. Guest posts that are consistent with this website will be accepted. In order to submit your guest post for our "Guest Blog", contact us.

There are many useful sections in this website which is beneficial for everyone whether you are a Christian or not. We the Couple Prophets do not discriminate against any race or tribe. But, we will not take any email threats lightly as we will ask the Most High God whom is our Father to respond immediately.

Have a great time on this website.

Jesus Christ is Lord!

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